Find The Cow

The picture above appears on our business cards.  When I was growing up, my grandfather used to keep this picture in his wallet.  “Scotty, find the cow,” he’d say.  “It’s as plain as the nose on your face!”

Special thanks to grandpa (and his propensity to enjoy fun bar tricks) for this little dose of enlightenment.

Hidden In Plain Sight

Here it is - the key to the optical illusion on our business cards.  Sometimes, even the obvious can be elusive.  We at LifeWork Associates pride ourselves on teaching techniques that help others step back and view things from a different perspective...

(Get a new perspective!  Turn the business card so the picture is horizontal)

Next, we focus on those things that are most important - your strengths and high priority challenges.

(Still don’t see it?  She’s a really big, white cow - and important)

Then, we give you a few pointers to guide you.

(Her head is on the left, and she’s looking right at you with big black ears)

And finally, help you fill in the blanks to get the results you’ve been seeking.

(There she is!)